irisguard hosts workshop to develop understanding of Blockchain technology across Jordan

Panel discussion

irisguard hosts workshop to develop understanding of Blockchain technology across Jordan

  • IrisGuard positioning Jordan as the leaders in Blockchain knowledge and expertise
  • Attendees helped to understand underlying concepts, tools, languages and direct impact/potential of Ethereum Blockchain in their own organisation
  • Earlier this year, IrisGuard awarded International Innovator of the Year at the LendIt Fintech Awards in recognition of retail POS Blockchain project

irisguard, the pioneer of, and market leader in, iris recognition technology, today hosted a free-to-attend Ethereum Blockchain Workshop for over 200 people in the heart of Amman.

A leading innovator in securing the last mile in Blockchain authentication, irisguard sponsored the workshop to allow attendees to understand the true potential of Ethereum Blockchain, learning from successful use-case scenarios.  The workshop is being presented by ConsenSys Academy, the educational core of ConsenSys, the co-founders of Ethereum.

The afternoon was interactive, giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions and find out everything they want to know about Blockchain.  The session also included a panel discussion with six pioneering figures in the Blockchain sphere, many of them Jordanians.

irisguard has been pivotal in the world’s largest deployment of Blockchain with the World Food Programme (WFP) involving hundreds of thousands of people in real time across supermarkets in Jordan refugee camps.  The project was recognised earlier this year by the LendIt Fintech Awards, honouring irisguard with International Innovator of the Year, but also by the WFP itself as one of its “10 innovations changing the way the U.N delivers food”.

Commenting on the workshop, irisguard’s Co-Founder and CEO, Imad Malhas, said: “irisguard has been leading the way in securing the last mile in Blockchain authentication by using a verified iris in lieu of the 32-byte blockchain private key.  We have been internationally recognised for this innovation, so we wanted to share our knowledge with others and empower them to consider the use of Ethereum in their own organisation.”

“We are delighted to be able to bring ConsenSys Academy to present their expertise to Amman, and hope that the knowledge gained in the workshop will pioneer many more Blockchain projects in the region.  Jordan is a pioneering country with a wealth of human resources and a great educational system, and has been leading the region for a long time.”